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5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

Take a deep breath. Are you breathing in the cleanest air possible in your home? Over time, your indoor air quality will diminish due to natural contaminants collecting in your home. Even if you cannot see them, they are there. These contaminants can include pollen, dust, pet dander, gas, mold, bacteria, and viruses. During the spring, the pollen in the air can be especially bad and trigger allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose. Your indoor air pollution can often be worse than outdoor pollution. When these pollutants fill your air, germs, and viruses can easily spread throughout your home, spreading illness from one family member to another. When the air in your home is properly ventilated and filtered, it improves the air quality and reduces contamination levels so that your family can breathe easily, knowing that the air in your home is safe and clean, to keep everybody in your house healthy. It is pretty much impossible to completely eliminate all contaminants from your home, but if you are wondering how to improve indoor air quality, there are several steps you can take to significantly reduce the bacteria in your home and greatly improve your air quality.

Keep Things Clean

The cleaner your house, the cleaner your air. Keeping your home clean will cut down on dust and pet dander that remains in your air, and that is the area your cleaning efforts should focus on. Vacuum the carpets and rugs often, clean bedding and drapes that attract allergens, and clear out the clutter that gathers dust.

Leave The Plants Outdoors

Yes, indoor plants are beautiful and can add some color to your home. But they also add pollen and other allergens to your home. Plants foster the growth of mold and can be allergy triggers that hurt your air quality.

Change Your Filters

Be sure to consistently change your HVAC unit’s air filters. Dust and airborne allergens can build up in your filter and cause your air conditioning and heating system to distribute air that is not clean throughout your home. Have your ducts and filters cleaned at least every three months.

Install an Air Purifier

The most effective way to rid your home of pollutants and allergens is to trust expert indoor air quality services and invest in an air purification system. Werley Heating & Air Conditioning Co. can provide your home with air cleaners, air purifiers, humidifiers, ventilators, and more. An air purification system is the best way to clean your home and remove contaminants, to help prevent allergy triggers, illness spreading, and the growth of mold.

Breathe Easy with Werley Heating & Air Conditioning

Werley Heating & Air Conditioning provides all of our costumes with the highest-quality indoor air quality services to keep your air clean and healthy for your family so that your air is free of harmful pollutants or contaminants. If you’re looking for how to improve indoor air quality, then give Werley a call today. Our team of experts will ensure that you can come home each day and be confident that your indoor air quality is safe and healthy for your family. Give us a call at 610-890-8130 to get started.